Yellow Pea Protein

A homegrown Canadian study finds that a garden-variety vegetable may help lower blood pressure and delay, control or even prevent the onset of chronic kidney disease. The yellow garden pea, more specifically, some of the proteins it contains appears to provide a natural approach to treating this disease.

Kidney disease is notoriously difficult to treat, with most people eventually succumbing to complications from high blood pressure linked to it.

After purifying a mix of yellow garden pea proteins, researchers from the University of Manitoba fed the derivative to rats that had kidney disease.

They found that blood pressure dropped 20 per cent in the rats treated with this mixture, compared with the blood pressure of untreated rats.

They also found that urine production, which can be severely curtailed by kidney function breakdown, improved by upwards of 30 per cent among the treated rats.

Despite the positive findings, the researchers don’t advise eating loads of yellow green peas. The pea protein would need to be mixed with certain enzymes into a food additive or supplement in liquid or pill form. And they’re hoping it would be easier to tolerate than blood pressure drugs. Human trials are underway and if they’re successful, a pea-based therapy might be available in two to three years.

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