HRT and Ovarian Cancer

Here’s another reason to think twice about taking hormone replacement therapy. Danish researchers report that menopausal women who took hormone replacement therapy increased their risk of ovarian cancer by almost 40 per cent.

In the study of more than 900,000 Danish women, hormone therapy was linked to 140 extra cases of ovarian cancer in eight years, accounting for 5 per cent of all cases in that period.  The findings were similar to those in the 2002 Women’s Health Initiative study, stopped early because it found a higher risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, strokes and other health problems from hormone therapy.

The new study  the Journal of the American Medical Association, says ovarian cancer risks from hormone therapy were the same regardless of the duration of use, the formulation of the hormones, the estrogen dose, or how it was administered.

As in earlier studies, it found the cancer risk diminished about two years after therapy was stopped.

Ovarian cancer is hard to detect before it spreads and is often fatal.

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