Aspirin and Colon Cancer

Here’s another reason to take aspirin. New research shows it may reduce the risk of dying from colon cancer by nearly 30 per cent. Acetylsalicylic acid was developed as a painkiller and it’s also used to prevent heart disease. Research has also suggested its regular use may help to prevent colorectal cancer in people at high risk of the disease.

A Harvard Medical School study in  the Journal of the American Medical Association, found patients who already have colon cancer may benefit from taking Aspirin along with surgery and chemotherapy.

Researchers tracked 1300 people with the disease, and found that those who took aspirin regularly after their diagnosis were nearly 29 percent less likely to die from their cancer than people who did not take aspirin. These people also were 21 percent less likely to die for any reason while they were in the study lasting more than two decades.  But ASA didn’t work for everyone. It was most effective in patients with the most common type of tumour.

More research is needed, but one doctor reviewing the study says this comes as close as it can to offering patients a way to help themselves.


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