Natural Bug Remedies

Have you noticed how bad the bugs are this season? This just as we seen new information about the health risks of using DEET. Here are some natural bug-bite deterrent suggestions from Chinese doctor and author Maoshing Ni.

In his book Secrets of Self-Healing, he recommends a three-pronged approach of clothing, diet, and essential oils.

Nix the Hawaiian shirt. Brightly colored floral patterns on clothing may actually fool bees and other bugs into thinking you’re a flower. So can smelling like a flower, so skip the perfume. Wear neutral-colored, protective clothing and scent-free soaps and lotions.

Eat garlic. Garlic and other strong foods, like onions, might make you less tasty to biting insects. Of course, too much can also make you a lot less appealing to fellow humans.
Use essential oils. Natural insect repellents such as lemongrass, lavender, or eucalyptus can be mixed with water and used as a spray. But be careful to avoid getting them in your eyes.

What to do if you’re already bitten? Honey, cucumber skins, and tea tree oil can help soothe, detox, and quiet the itch or sting of bites.

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