Longevity gains

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It’s incredible news about longevity, and it means our children and grandchildren will live a lot longer. New research shows most babies born in rich countries this century will make it to their 100th birthday.

Danish specialists say that since the 20th century people in developed countries are living about three decades longer than in the past.

They say if that trend continues, more than half of babies born in rich nations since 2000 will live to 100 years of age, and they’ll have less disability than elderly people in previous generations.

In an article published in the medical journal Lancet, the researchers write that the process of aging may be “modifiable, and life expectancy may move beyond what we once thought possible. Their analysis of data from more than 30 developed countries revealed that death rates among people older than 80 are still falling. That’s on top of big steady advances in life expectancy for more than 165 years. Their theory is that means there is no looming limit to human lifespan because if life expectancy was approaching a limit, those increases would have slowed down.

Illnesses affecting the elderly like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are on the rise. But advances in medical treatment are also making it possible for those poeple to remain active for longer.

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