Secrets of Marriage Success

Want to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great? There’s a book outlining how to do that. It’s based on research from the University of Michigan that tracked nearly 400 couples for 24 years. Here’s a sampling:

Be generous with praise
According to author Dr. Terri Orbuch, husbands need to hear compliments from their partners – even more so than wives, who tend to get affirmation also from their friends. Men who said they didn’t feel special to their wives were two times more likely to get divorced.

Shake things up
That may mean exercising together or watching a scary movie or hopping on a roller coaster.
Take time each day to talk about something besides the kids, work and the house renovation, Pick a topic that reveals something to you about your partner, like what would you do if won the lottery.

Know your partner’s top two expectations
The top expectation in this study: Never hurt or deceive the other person.

Finally, sweat the small stuff
If your partner does something that irritates you now, it will probably drive you crazy later. So talk it over.

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