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Here’s the latest on the best way to keep weight off, after shedding those extra pounds. A large study found the answer is a diet high in protein like lean meat and poultry and lower in carbohydrates.

Past research has shown that as long as you burn more calories than you eat, you can slim down no matter what diet you try. Fewer studies have looked at ways to avoid packing it back on.

The study in The New England Journal of Medicine involved 773 overweight and obese adults. They had already lost on average 24 pounds after two months on a low-fat diet, and the researchers thought getting their families involved would help keep them on track.

They were put on one of five diets. Dieters in each group ate as much as they wanted whenever they wanted. After six months, only the low-protein, high-carb group regained significant weight – nearly four pounds. By contrast, there was a trend toward a little more weight loss for those in the high-protein, low-carb group.

And fewer adults on that diet dropped out of the study, suggesting that they were able to stick with it. The researchers figure it works because eating protein may trigger metabolic changes that make people feel fuller than if they consumed carbs or fat.

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