Diet and Presdisposition to Heart disease

It’s a case of nurture over nature. People genetically predisposed to cardiovascular disease, CAN get around their DNA.

A pair of studies involving 27,000 subjects show that people with a common genetic anomaly can reduce their chance of having a heart attack or stroke with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially those eaten raw or lightly cooked.

Scientists have known for some time that this set of genetic variants are a strong predictor for cardiovascular disease. These are commonly found in different ethnicities around the world.

Researchers analyzed the effects of various types of diets on subjects from five ethnicities – European, South Asian, Chinese, Latin American and Arab – both those who carry the variants and those who don’t.

Their results suggest that individuals with the genetic variation who consumed a diet composed mainly of raw vegetables, fruits and berries, had a similar risk of heart attack to those with a low-risk genetic profile.

The researchers say the finding surprised them, and it means that people at high risk of cardiovascular disease should really take these recommendations.. to heart.

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