Women Smokers and heart Disease

We all know about the dangers of smoking. Now there’s evidence that the nicotine habit is a lot more dangerous for women. A study in The Lancet found women who smoke cigarettes are more likely to develop heart disease than men.

After reviewing data on 2.4 million people and 44,000 cardiac events, the article’s authors found female smokers have a 25 per cent greater risk for coronary heart disease than males who smoke cigarettes.

The researchers also found the difference in risk for male and female smokers increased by two per cent for every year they smoke.

This is either because of physical differences between men and women, or differences in smoking habits.

For example, women may inhale more smoke or smoke more intensively, and researchers figure that may make them absorb more harmful chemicals

Their next step is a similar study to see if the same thing is true for other complications related to smoking, such as strokes.

A fifth of the world’s 1.1 billion smokers are women.

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