Resolution Problems

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It’s that time of year – when thousands of us are resolving to exercise and get fit. So why are so many of these resolutions broken by the end of January?

According to new research may the problem is not a lack of willpower. It may simply be self-consciousness.

According to a survey of more than 1,500 men and women conducted by researchers at George Washington University Medical Center, many overweight and obese people loathe the idea of huffing and puffing in front of younger, thinner gym-goers. They also feel embarrassed about sweating it out in front of svelte, muscular health club staffers.

That kind of self-consciousness affects women more than men. Women are more likely to feel intimidated about using complicated equipment, to feel pressure to exercise in trendy clothes and to fret about exercising in front of the opposite sex. But both overweight men and women were intimidated by the health club itself.

So remember. There are specialty gyms like those that cater to women only. Or you can try an online or community-based weight loss support group. Or head to a community parks for a brisk walk and some fresh air. If health clubs bug you, you can exercise somewhere else.

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