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Health2013-1-7By: Stephen Tseronakis

Here’s a good new year’s resolution for most men: Take Better Care of Your Body. As a general rule, men are bad at dealing with their health.

They shrug off injuries, hate going to the doctor, and pay little heed to warning signs for major health issues.

That’s why men overall are less healthy and have a shorter life span than women, according to the Men’s Health Network, an American nonprofit group.

The first step towards improvement is to schedule an appointment with a doctor for a full physical.

Ask what tests and screenings are appropriate for a man your age, and whether you have potential risk factors for major diseases.

Bring up any long-term problems, no matter how embarrassing they might be. That means being honest about erectile dysfunction, drinking and smoking because doctors can’t do their jobs unless they have a complete picture.

And one more thing: if the doctor tells you to make lifestyle changes, follow his advice.


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