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Allergy Prevention

Health2013-4-8By: Libby Znaimer

Now that spring is here, it’s also time for allergy season. According to the Allergy and Immunology Division at New York’s Montefiore Medical center, it’s easier to prevent allergic symptoms and reactions than to treat them. Here are some their tips to avoid those runny noses and itchy burning eyes noses and throats. :

Limit outdoor activities when pollen counts are high. Many pollens are highest in the morning hours, and tend to be at their lowest after a long, gentle rain. Heavy rain can have the opposite effect and thunderstorms can actually increase pollen levels. Leave windows closed at home or in the car to keep pollen out. Shower, wash your hair and your clothes after being outside. And don’t hang the clothes or your sheets outside to dry.

Get A Head Start

Think about using your air conditioner early, to filter the outside air that comes into your home. A HEPA filter may also help.
And here’s a final tip that could help you avoid some of your least favourite chores: Avoid mowing lawns or raking leaves, because both those activites stir up pollen and mold.

Allergy Seasons

There are three separate allergy seasons. First is tree pollination until about early June. Grass pollen allergies usually come in late spring, and weeds cause hay fever from the


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