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Exercise and Alzheimer's

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It’s something we’ve been reporting for years. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. And one of the many benefits of exercise is staving off dementia. Now a study by the Ontario Brain Institute confirms that exercise reduces both the onset and the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s put some impressive numbers on that.

According to this research, If you’re over 65, you don’t have Alzheimer’s – and you’re very physically active –you are an astounding 38% less likely to develop it than sedentary people the same age.

And it’s not too late to start being active. If every inactive adult over 65 became physically active, more than one in seven cases of Alzheimer’s in Ontario could be prevented entirely. The research also confirms that if you do have Alzheimer’s, physical activity will improve your quality of life, and reduce your chances of being depressed.
The bottom line according to the researchers, if you are over 65, you should make physical activity an essential part of your life.

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