Liposuction Fat returns

Here’s important information for anyone considering a drastic solution to get rid of unwanted body fat. A study on liposuction finds that the fat comes back after a year, albeit in a different place.

Researchers at the University of Colorado randomly assigned nonobese women to have liposuction on their thighs and lower abdomen or to refrain from having the procedure, serving as controls. As compensation, the women who were control subjects were told that when the study was over, they could get liposuction at a reduced price, if they still wanted it.

The result, published in the journal Obesity, was that fat came back after it was suctioned out. But it did not reappear in the women’s thighs. Instead, it was redistributed mostly in the upper abdomen, but also around the shoulders and triceps of the arms.

Obesity researchers say they are not surprised because the body defends its fat, growing new fat cells to replace the ones that were lost.

Nonetheless, the women in the study who had liposuction were happy. As for the women in the control group, when the study ended and they knew the results, more than half still chose to have liposuction.

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