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Menthol Smokes Worse

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Here’s important news for anyone who still smokes. US regulators say menthol cigarettes are more harmful than regular cigarettes.

Although there’s little evidence that they are more or less toxic in and of themselves, the Food and Drug Administration says the chemicals in menthol make it easier to start smoking and harder to quit. The agency found the cooling and anaesthetic qualities of the menthol made the cigarettes less harsh – and more appealing. Menthol can also cover up the tobacco taste and reduce the throat irritation that often comes with smoking.

The report echoed some of the findings of an earlier review from 2011, which suggested that a ban on menthol cigarettes would benefit public health. Meanwhile, some other preliminary research shows that menthol affects how the brain processes nicotine. This suggests that it may contribute to nicotine addiction.

Menthol cigarettes are one of the few growing areas of the tobacco industry, and it is poised to fight different regulations for menthol cigarettes. The FDA has commissioned further research into the subject but according to The New York Times, this review takes it one step closer to a decision on whether to ban menthol in cigarettes. There is no word on whether the Canadian government is considering any action.

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