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E-Mail Diet Reminder

Here’s an easy way to improve your health habits –  get an e-mail reminder.

According to a report in the  American Journal of Preventive Medicine participants in a worksite e-mail program walked more, ate more fruits and vegetables and consumed less saturated fats and trans fats than workers who didn’t receive the e-mails. What’s more, the program appeared to have a lasting effect. At least four months later, the behaviors were still sticking, according to the results.

Nearly 800 workers participated in the study. Nearly half were randomly assigned to receive weekly e-mails and mid-week reminders with “small step goals” tailored to meet people’s individual lifestyles and health goals. After 16 weeks, the group that had gotten the e-mails showed significant improvements, and those with the worst habits improved the most. For instance, participants increased their physical activity on average by an hour a week and reduced their sedentary activities by two hours.

Researchers say the e-mail program was successful because it was convenient and easy to follow.

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