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Stop Multivitamins

Stop wasting your money on vitamins and other dietary supplements. That is the very clear message from doctors in an editorial published in Annals of Internal Medicine.  It comes in response to three large studies that showed most multivitamin supplements are not effective at reducing the risk of disease or death, and may even cause harm.

The studies include two clinical trials and one large review of 27 past trials conducted by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. They found no evidence that taking daily multivitamin and mineral supplements prevents or slows down the progress of cognitive decline or chronic conditionss like heart disease or cancer.

That is especially true for people who have no signs of nutritional deficiency — meaning most supplement users in North America.

These findings are in line with previous studies that also found no benefits as well as a suggestion that beta-carotene, vitamin E and possibly high doses of vitamin A supplements actually increase death rates.

Vitamins are a multi-billion dollar industry and half of all Americans pop them regularly. The doctors who did this research are saying “Enough!” The case is closed.

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