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If you feel the need do what the song says: go ahead  and cry. Tears are good for you.

Just as sweat removes salt, tears have a purpose, too.

According to the Oprah doctors Oz and Roizen, when you shed emotional tears, in moments of intense feeling, they carry stress hormones and wash them away. The urge  to cry, that also signals that you’ve reached a level of stress that’s bad for your health.

But here’s the amazing thing: Emotional tears are just one of three types of good-for-you tears your body makes, and each is chemically different from the other two:

Basal tears are produced continuously to keep your eyes lubricated and prevent damage from air currents and bits of floating debris.

Irritant tears are produced when flying grit, insects, intense fumes and light bother your eyes and need to be flushed out. Emotional tears are released in moments of intense emotion helping to get rid of those stress hormones.

It seems humans are the only animals who cry. And when you feel a good cry coming on, remember that showing your vulnerability to friends can help soothe the bad effects of stress.

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