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Alcohol and Arthritis

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We’ve told you about a number of studies that show drinking alcohol in moderation can bring health benefits.

Well here’s the latest. A study in the journal Rheumatology finds it may also lessen the pain and disability of rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers followed nearly 900 rheumatoid arthritis patients and found that the severity of the arthritis diminished as the frequency of alcohol consumption increased. X-rays showed there was less damage to joints, blood tests showed lower levels of inflammation and there was less joint pain, swelling and disability.

The study authors emphasize that the participants did not drink to excess. The most frequent drinkers consumed alcohol about 10 days a month. And they caution that the findings must be confirmed by further research.

They say the significance of this study is that it may give researchers fresh insights into the workings of the immune system and that could help them develop more effective treatments for the debilitating disease.

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