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Bad Marriage and Heart Health

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There’s more evidence that staying in a bad marriage can hurt your health, and the harm increases with age. According to a study from Michigan State university, that’s especially true for women.

Researchers examined five years of data from 1,200 married American men and women, aged 57 to 85. People with partners who were overly critical or demanding were more likely to develop heart disease than those with supportive spouses.

Why are women more likely suffer poor heart health due to a bad marriage? According to the investigators, it may be because women tend to internalize negative feelings, making them more likely to develop depression and heart problems.

The researchers also found that heart disease seems to lead to a decline in marriage quality for women, but not men. That supports the theory that wives are more likely to provide support and care to sick husbands, while husbands are less likely to do so for wives.

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