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Sex After Heart Attack

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In a medical first, cardiologists have issued detailed guidelines on how and when to resume sex after a heart attack. And they’re urging doctors to bring it up with patients because many are too embarrassed to ask, even though they worry that it could trigger another cardiac problem.

The paper published in Circulation and the European Heart Journal says heart attack patients with no complications can usually resume relations after a week while those who’ve had a bypass should wait 6 to 8 weeks.

If it’s unclear whether a person is healthy enough, they should be able to walk a treadmill at three to four miles per hour, or climb two flights of stairs at a brisk pace.

There is also specific advice on positions. For instance, those who’ve had surgery should avoid being on top, and it’s a good idea to start slowly, with hugging and kissing. Patients are encouraged to do what they usually do in a familiar place. The bottom line is that the risk is low – with one big caveat. The guidelines put the kaibosh on extramarital affairs and encourage doctors to bring this up. Apparently the stress of furtive sex with a new partner can be too much.

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