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Black Rice

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Here’s something to add to your list of superfoods. And for a change it’s inexpensive. A study from Louisiana State University finds black rice contains health-promoting antioxidants, similar to those found in blackberries and blueberries. As a matter of fact, the researchers say a spoonful of black rice bran contains more of these great nutrients than you’d find in a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E antioxidants. That’s why they say black rice bran would be a unique and inexpensive way to increase people’s intake of antioxidants, and food manufacturers could use black rice bran or bran extracts to boost the health value of breakfast cereals, beverages, cakes, cookies, and other foods.

The most widely produced rice worldwide is brown. Millers remove the chaff from each grain to make it brown.

White rice is made when rice is milled more than is done for brown rice; the bran is also removed. That’s why the researchers figure black rice bran may be even healthier than brown.

They also showed that pigments in black rice bran extracts can produce a variety of colors, from pink to black, and may be a healthier alternative to artificial food colorants that manufacturers now add to some foods and beverages.

Currently, black rice is used mainly in Asia for food decoration, noodles, sushi, and pudding.

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