COSMIC CORNER – Mozart the Aquarian

Classical music’s favourite child prodigy would be born under the sign of the Genius… What makes Aquarius so special? Ruled from the edge of our solar system by the planet Uranus, Aquarius is the gateway to the cosmic mind. There is a sense of infinite possibility here, and a source of brilliant ideas based on a logic so quick that they seem like ingenious leaps to everyone else.

Now, not every Aquarian is a Mozart. Born January 27, 1756, what made him so special is an opposition from Neptune, the gateway to the cosmic soul, which funneled endless streams of fantasy and feeling into that Aquarian mind – and with form-obsessed Saturn at his side, Wolfie could instantly make manifest the complete counterpoint of Creation within the human language of music.

N.B. Every sign has its challenges! Aquarius is rebellious; it loves freedom and hates confinement. True to form, Mozart did not do well under the “patron” system of the day. He managed to get himself fired, and lived out the rest of his short life as one of the first struggling freelancers in music history.

By Kathleen Kajioka
Host of “In The Still Of The Night,” Saturdays & Sundays, 1 am-5 am
Musician-at-Large and Resident Astrologer

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