Dear Ms. Petrenko…

Alexa Petrenko, host of Alexa’s Oasis and Sunday Night at the Opera, received this very sweet letter from a listener:

My Dear Ms. Petrenko,

Thank you so kindly for taking the time to read my letter. I wish to say what a wonderful announcer you are. Your voice radiates with tremendous feeling and warmth. It is always a great pleasure to listen to you. If you do not mind, I have composed a poem that I would like to dedicate to that beautiful musical instrument of yours:

“Your mellifluous voice calls in my spirits,
composes my thoughts,
recreates my mind,
and so not only fits me for after business,
but fills my heart,
at the present,
with pure and useful thoughts;
so that when your voice sounds the sweetest in my ears,
truth commonly flows the clearest into my mind.”

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Chandler from Mississauga

Thank you Mr. Chandler!

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