Classical 96.3FM iPhone/iPod app!

Listen to Classical 96.3FM and Zoomer Radio anywhere in the world from your pocket!

We are proud to announce the new iPhone/iPod app for The New Classical 96.3 FM and The New AM740 – Zoomer Radio.

While there are dozens of radio apps available in the App Store, ours is different: it visually transforms your mobile device into a vintage “transistor” radio. Its features include an animated tuner that allows users to effortlessly switch between our two radio stations, an automatically updated list of the last songs just “aired,” the ability to run in the background, and an alarm clock for waking up to either of our stations. And, best of all, the app is completely free!

Click here to install it to your iOS device — it’ll even work on an iPad — and enjoy the finest in classical music and zoomer-targeted radio, in CD-quality sound.

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