Cosmic Corner: Ravel the Pisces

As a mutable water sign, Pisces is a porous shape-shifter, able to absorb and take on the form of anything and everything. Emotionally, this can make life difficult for those born under this sign – it can be hard to know what is yours and what is everybody else’s; but for a musician like Maurice Ravel (born March 7, 1875), it was a gift.

Perhaps better than anyone in history, Ravel was able to inhale musical styles from around the world – Russian ballet, Spanish dance, European classicism, American jazz and blues, Javanese gamelan – and breathe them out into seamless compositions of jaw-dropping richness. But he wasn’t simply an imitator; Uranus on the career-line made him an innovator, and a hundred years later his music still sounds fresh and new. But rebellious Uranus also cursed Ravel with authority issues. He consistently alienated himself from the French establishment, and in the end lived out his life alone in the country, surrounded by cats.

P.S. We can thank his Scorpio ascendant for making him the master of the sensual melody: Bolero, anyone?

By Kathleen Kajioka
Host of “In The Still Of The Night,” Saturdays & Sundays, 1 am-5 am
Musician-at-Large and Resident Astrologer

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