IL VOLO: Live From the Concert Lobby

(L-R) Il Volo: Piero Barone (17), Gianluca Ginoble (16) and Ignazio Boschetto (16)

On July 5th, Italian teen tenors Il Volo stopped by the Concert Lobby for an intimate live concert for a few dozen very lucky fans. The Concert Lobby was buzzing as the audience eagerly waited for the three young men to wow them with those voices. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca started the show with Il Mondo, followed by Smile (which was prefaced with a heartwarming dedication to an audience member), then El Reloj, Un Amore Cosi Grande, and closed with the song that started it all – O Sole Mio.

Ignazio flashing that ever-present smile before heading down to the Concert Lobby.

Alexa Petrenko introducing Il Volo.

Ignazio’s charm crosses any language-barrier.

Fans of all ages want their autographs!

Lots and lots of laughs were had!

Posing with some fans…of which there were plenty!

The boys recorded a little something for the station…

Piero having a little fun in the studio.

Future heartbreaker?

(…us too!)

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