Ernest Nussbaum: Inventor of the Prakticello

This is Ernest Nussbaum, inventor of the Prakticello (via Ironic Sans).

“I have to keep reminding myself that Stradivari was still making violins and cellos when he was 90…you don’t have to quit just because you’re over 80”.

– Ernest Nussbaum, 83, inventor of the Prakticello.

If you want to take a cello on a flight, you have two options: check it into baggage or buy it a seat. Well, that was until Ernest Nussbaum came along. With what start by placing his own cello on brown packing paper and tracing it, Ernest built the Prakticello – which fits into a case just 30 inches long.

While it’s not intended to replace a cello you’d find on the stage of Carnegie Hall, even some of the world’s greatest cellists travel or practise with it, including Yo-Yo Ma, Frans Helmerson and Heinrich Schiff.

More videos from the Inventor Portrait series can be watched here.

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