Awkward Classical Music Photos

Perhaps you’ve seen the Awkward Family Photos blog, but this one definitely tops it: Awkward Classical Music Photos. Whether it’s an awkwardly placed violin, an inappropriate flute placement, or a peculiar hand position on a piano, Awkward Classical Music Photos has found ’em all (in the spirit of fun and out of a love for classical music, of course!)

A few examples of the gems found on this blog?

Visit Awkward Classical Music Photos for many, many more photos and the hilarious commentary. We hope these musicians don’t mind having a little fun poked at them – we all take awkward photos, right? The blog owner put it nicely:

You know how sometimes your older brother, whom you admire to bits, sometimes embarrasses you a little by wearing those ridiculous plaid pants with the orange knee patch? You still have a lot of respect for his intellect and kindness and general awesomeness as a human being, but you can’t help laughing at how awkward he looks whenever he wears them?

Well done, Awkward Classical Music Photos.

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