Critiquing the Met's Ring Cycle

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Das Rheingold  Wednesday, May 9, 2012  A scene from Wagner's "Das Rheingold" in Robert Lepage's production  Photo Credit: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera The Metropolitan Opera’s production of Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle has been a lightening rod for criticism. The gargantuan moving set, referred to as the ‘machine’, providing much of the conductive material for said criticism. In their blog Deceptive Cadence, NPR has compiled a short summary of the criticisms the Met has faced with this production.

“What’s all the fuss? Other than repeated mechanical, technical and safety glitches — including an opening-night gaffe which stranded Wagner’s gods on the wrong side of the rainbow bridge — some critics seem to be scrambling for new ways to express their disapproval of the $16 million production. The most oft-quoted line of late comes from last month’s New Yorker, where Alex Ross wrote that “Pound for pound, ton for ton, it is the most witless and wasteful production in modern operatic history.”” –NPR

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[ Photo Credit: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera]

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