Bianca Jagger snaps pics, theatre critic Mark Shenton snaps

Bianca Jagger snaps pics, theatre critic Mark Shenton snaps featured image

Bianca Jagger, activist and wife of Mic Jagger, has been accused of snapping some photos during a May 4th performance of Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach. After the performance, theatre critic Mark Shenton confronted Jagger.

“In his blog on The Stage website, the critic explains he was driven to confront Jagger after the front of house staff at the Barbican Theatre did nothing to intervene.

“I confronted the offender myself, going into full Patti LuPone ‘who do you think you are?’ mode as I did so — and receiving a few cheers as the exiting audience babble died down enough for my declaration ‘You stupid woman’ to be heard by everyone around me.””

The Telegraph

The kerfuffle made its way to twitter and to the comment thread on Shenton’s blog, with Jagger sharing her side of the story. A number of bloggers have weighed in on the dispute including Doundou Tchil:

“Besides, Bianca J was enjoying herself and engaging with the piece, which is more than can be said of some of the superficial writers who went because it was free, without a clue about composer or concept. Interesting that those most opposed to Bianca are those who know least about the work itself.”

-Doundou Tchil (Classical Iconoclast)


The Guardian saw this as an opportunity to create a new set of rules for spectators of the arts (the list includes do’s and don’ts in galleries and rock concerts as well).

3 Talking, lateness, cameras, food, body odour


There are difficult choices here. Cinemas and regional theatres often rely on confectionary sales to survive, so they do end up contributing to the rustling menace. As for lateness, there is a feeling that some venues could be far more sensitive about when they let the tardy in. After an overture is OK; between movements of a symphony is not. (Composers could start notating such moments in manuscripts, using whatever the Italian is for “latecomers”.)”

The Guardian 

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