Met reverses on reviews ban

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After an “outpouring of reaction”, The Metropolitan Opera reversed its decision to ban reviews of its productions in its affiliated magazine, Opera News. The original decision to stop reviewing The Met’s productions came after a critical review of Wagner’s Gotterdammerung and a less than supportive essay about The Met’s direction. A New York Times article about the decision caused opera fans to go online and let their disapproval be known.


““I think I made a mistake,” said Peter Gelb, the Met’s general manager. “The Metropolitan Opera only exists with the good will of the public. Clearly the public would miss Opera News not being able to review the Met, and we are responding to that,” he added, referring to a “groundswell of disappointment.”

Opera News is published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, an organization set up in the 1930s to provide financial support for the Met. It is now a close auxiliary, run by a Met assistant manager.

Mr. Gelb had originally said it made no sense for Opera News to review performances by a company the Guild existed to support, especially when those reviews were negative.”

The New York Times

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