Composer Alexander Arutiunian dies at 91

Composer Alexander Arutiunian dies at 91 featured image

Alexander Arutiunian has died in Yerevan, the city of his birth. He was 91 years old. Arutiunian was a Soviet and Armenian composer, pianist and professor at the Yerevan State Conservatory. One of his best known pieces is his Trumpet Concerto that was described as flashy by the New York Times.

“From his early cantata, Motherland, of 1948 (for which he won the Stalin Prize ahead of Shostakovich) to his final piece in 2011, a flute concerto, Arutiunian explored ways of harnessing intensity of emotion within established classical forms, flavoured variously with regional characteristics. Early works draw on indigenous improvisatory models whilst his opera Sayat-Nova (1967) celebrates the Armenian troubadour (or ‘meistersinger’) in the time-honoured romantic ideal of vernacular minstrelsy. However his catalogue is largely focused on a repertoire of idiomatic instrumental works, most notably well-crafted concertos for all the members of the brass family.”


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