Can An App Teach Children About Classical Music?

Can An App Teach Children About Classical Music? featured image

A new app called SymbolSmash introduces children to the classical music world through a fun storytelling method set to Jacques Offenbach’s magical opera Voyage to the Moon. The question is, can non-traditional methods of helping a student learn classical music be just as affective as more traditional methods? Well first let’s take a look at what exactly the app consists of…

The app does not focus only on musical notation. It follows the story of a Prince who sets off on a journey to find his princess, while along the way introducing the main instruments of the orchestra at different points in the music (the instruments have names like Olive Oboe).

It also features a series of short games designed to help children begin to recognize and identify the different instruments. An animated version of Jacques Offenbach shres his bio and talks about his different compositions.

The app was designed by Mario Musry, a classical pianist who has been teaching music for the past 15 years. While it may not teach a child everything they need to know about music, it’s definitely a great app for introducing children to the realm of classical music and exposing children to classical music at an early age.

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