Bad Boy of the Organ: Cameron Carpenter in GIFs

Bad Boy of the Organ: Cameron Carpenter in GIFs featured image

Cameron Carpenter
is the bad boy of the organ. His approach to the organ is smashing the stereotypes of organists and organ music while generating a level of acclaim, exposure, and controversy unprecedented for an organist. His repertoire – from the complete works of J. S. Bach and Cesar Franck, to his hundreds of transcriptions of non-organ works, his original compositions, and his collaborations with jazz and pop artists – is perhaps the largest and most diverse of any organist.

He is the first organist ever nominated for a GRAMMY® Award for a solo album. Cameron has played at such prestigious venues as the Royal Albert Hall, the Leipzig Gewandhaus, Melbourne Town Hall, Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Davies Hall in San Francisco and many others. With combined millions of hits on YouTube and numerous television, radio and press features, he is the world’s most visible organist.

Following Cameron’s own unconventional approach to the organ, here’s our unique way of showcasing that amazing talent of his:

(And definitely watch some videos of him on YouTube to see AND hear his playing in action!)

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