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If seeing your kids and grandkids off to summer camp makes you nostalgic – camp isn’t just for kids anymore.  Adult “fantasy” camps are a growing trend — and they’re a far cry from rustic canoe excursions of your youth.

If you’ve ever fantasized about being an astronaut or a rock star, a gondolier or a ghost-hunter, they could be for you. But they don’t come cheap. Travel & Leisure recently compiled a list of the ‘world’s 10 quirkiest adult camps’. Here are their 2 top picks.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp
If you’re tired are tired of playing air guitar, you can learn the ropes from rock ‘n’ roll idols including Joe Walsh, Slash, and Max Weinberg. Enjoy daily jam sessions and a finale Battle of the Bands performance at a sold-out venue with guest stars like Roger Daltrey and Brian Wilson.
The camps are held in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, and cost: $2,000 for one-day, $8,000–$12,000 for four- to five-day camps.

Then there’s Gladiator Training.
Over a three-hour course,you learn ancient gladiator combat techniques and history while wearing traditional tunics, Roman sandals, and iron gloves. You’ll brandish authentic gladiator-era replica wooden and iron weapons while learning the opening mantra: “Hail Caesar! Those who are about to die salute you.”
It’s in the Cavalieri Hilton, Rome and  costs $760 per person.

Doesn’t strike your fancy?  Check out Elephant Mahout Training, Wine-Making Camp, or Space camp.

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