Video Games and Zoomers

Here’s new evidence that Zoomers can benefit a lot by adopting a younger generation’s favourite pastime. In a study of adults in their 60s and 70s, researchers at the University of Illinois found strategic video games that reward nation-building and territorial expansion can improve the mental functions that decline most with age.

Half the study group received more than 20 hours of training on an interactive video game called Rise of Nations, and half did not. Both groups were tested before and after the training. The gamers performed significantly better at switching between tasks, and their reasoning ability was also enhanced.

The study author believes the games like this work well because they require abilities like memory, scheduling, and planning, and they also require gamers to execute these skills rapidly in an entertaining way

Never played before? The researchers report that was the case for many of the people in the study.  And were nervous at first, they picked it up quickly, and didn’t find it as difficult as they first thought.

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