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Celebrate Haydn’s Birthday with The New Classical FM!

Celebrate Haydn’s Birthday with The New Classical FM! featured image

Today we are celebrating the birth of the great Franz Joseph Haydn! He was born on March 31s, 1732, in Rohrau, Austria. He was one of music’s most prolific composers! He penned 106 symphonies, 68 string quartets, as well as numerous concertos, trios, masses, operas and works for solo piano. His symphonies remain some of his most popular repertoire and his early development of the form earned him the nickname “The Father of the Symphony”. He had a great deal of influence on other composers – he was a friend and mentor to Mozart, and a direct teacher to Beethoven.

You can listen to The New Classical FM all day long to hear some of Haydn’s most popular works spread throughout our playlist… and right now we invite you to take part in a special game of “Haydn-Seek” (sorry, we couldn’t resist)… see if you can find the legendary composer hidden in these four famous paintings!


The Night Watch, Rembrandt (1642)

The Coronation of Napoleon, Jacques-Louis David (1805-1807)

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,
Seurat (1884-1886)

Bal du moulin de la Galette, Renoir (1876)

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