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Today’s Great Canadian Artist – Glenn Gould!

Today’s Great Canadian Artist – Glenn Gould! featured image

Who else but Glenn Gould could be our final pick as our week of featuring Great Canadian Artists winds up. He’s without question the most famous classical music artist this country has produced.

His distinct style has earned him fans around the entire world. When you hear Glenn Gould play, even if someone hasn’t told you who it is, there’s no doubt. He’s truly a one of a kind artist, who brought his own unique personality to the piano. Some may argue against his humming of the notes, or his percussive style, but nobody can argue his originality.

His recordings of Bach’s Preludes and Goldberg Variations will always be considered some of the most iconic and definitive recordings of that repertoire. However, what many people don’t realize is how fantastic some of his other recordings are, like his takes on Haydn, Brahms or Beethoven. Today we salute Glenn Gould as one of the greatest Canadian musicians that has ever been, and will ever be!

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