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Extra hours during the holidays – movie staff!

Extra hours during the holidays – movie staff! featured image

Photo: Liz Parker

Thursday, December 7, 2017

During the hectic holiday season, people in the service industry work longer hours: courier drivers, retail workers, and airline staff – but we don’t think about the performers who also put in extra hours entertaining us. Curious, I approached a few of them about how they get through the holidays without strain. Working a movie theatre isn’t “performing” in the way I usually mean, but anyone who has worked in any customer service job knows that one is always “on” and “performing”, when dealing with a large number of customers. Five-part series all week.

4/5 James Parrett
General Manager, Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP

Q: The holidays can be a lot of fun for the fans who love to be entertained – but it’s a lot of fatigue for the staff. What is the hardest thing about working right through the holidays? Be honest.
A: The hardest part about working right through the holidays is that you sometimes have to be more creative in finding time to spend with family and friends. Sometimes people have long-standing traditions and need to make new traditions or arrangements that fit into their busy holiday schedules. It’s important that our staff work together to ensure that everyone gets time to spend with loved ones.

Q: What is the best thing about working over the holidays?
A: The best thing about working over the holidays is seeing our guests and becoming part of THEIR holiday traditions. We have a lot of guests who come to theatres on Christmas and New Year’s Day. I love being a part of that and seeing their smiling faces during the holiday season.

Q: How do you de-stress during the month of December?
A: In all honesty, my routine doesn’t change. The volume over the holidays is of course much higher and there is sometimes increased pressure due to holiday demand, but you find the time for family and friends just like you would any other time of the year.

Q: What do you look forward to most when you’re done the last holiday shift?
A: When I’m done the last holiday shift, I most look forward to seeing all of the great films released during the holiday season!

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