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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Warturtle, the 12-year-old Female Turtle

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Warturtle, the 12-year-old Female Turtle featured image

Warturtle loves splashing around in a freshly-cleaned aquarium and then sauntering onto her very own private beach, complete with UV rays and maybe even a few live snacks on the side!

This big beauty was found outside all by herself. Without a consistent diet, along with the harsh elements, the poor girl got really sick. But thanks to Toronto Humane Society’s awesome team, she was eventually brought back to health! She’s now looking for her forever home where she’ll get all the love and attention she deserves.

Girls like Warturtle live for a long time, sometimes over 50 years! In other words, this girl’s not looking for any short term relationships! She’s looking for a family who would be committed to keeping her happy and healthy for the long run.

Warturtle is a girl who knows what she wants! She wants an 80 to 120 gallon aquarium, a large external filter, and enough UV light! She LOVES that sun-mimicking boost of loveliness for her skin and shell health, and for the all that wonderful calcium she absorbs into her body. Lastly, she would much appreciate her water temperature being at around 72 to 76 degrees with a dry area and basking spot in the high 80’s!

If you’re interested in giving this princess a home, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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