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Canada Day Countdown: Our hosts reflect upon some Canadian greats

Canada Day Countdown: Our hosts reflect upon some Canadian greats featured image

It’s “Canada Day eve”, and all of our hosts took a moment to celebrate and toast some of Canada’s most memorable classical musicians. On July 1 all day, we’ll be broadcasting the best of Canada’s performers, conductors, and composers. This week features favourite artists in the words of our on-air hosts. Enjoy, and we hope you’re enjoying your Canada Day long weekend! #ClassicalCanadian

Kerry Stratton, host of “The Oasis”

Weekdays, 3 PM – 7 PM

Choral conductor Elmer Isler

My strongest memory of Elmer Iseler was during the original seasons of the Huntsville Festival of the Arts where I was Director of the orchestra. I say strongest because Elmer Iseler came to deliver a program with the orchestra and chorus which was a powerful lesson. All the aspects of conducting are certainly available to young conductors in textbooks and courses and degrees both undergraduate and postgraduate, summer courses, etc. etc. There, the craft and technique can be acquired, but what Elmer EIsler had was everything a conductor needed plus the things that simply cannot be taught. It was those things that made him particularly strong. In front of a chorus he was magic. You can observe it but I don’t think you can teach it. This he had, as no one else I have ever seen. He was great.




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