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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Chino the 5-year-old male dog

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Chino the 5-year-old male dog featured image

There are certain dogs that seem to have enough love for the entire world. They share it with each and every person. No one gets left out. Everywhere they go, they behind them a wake of smiles and laughter and joy.


Chino is definitely one of those dogs. It doesn’t matter who you are, once he’s heard your voice, his tail is wagging and he’s already thinking of all the ways he wants to kiss you. And you’ll want to kiss him too! He has a warm smile and such a charming personality, you won’t be able to help yourself.

Poor Chino lost his vision before arriving at the Toronto Humane Society. Adjusting to this was hard. Really hard. It was so scary for him not knowing who or what was where. Where has everyone gone? Why did they leave him in all this dark? But once he heard the sound of our voice over and over again, he eventually learned he was safe. He’s since become more confident as he learns the ropes of being a blind dog.

The most incredible thing about Chino is that, despite the loss of his vision, his kindness, his warmth, and his unconditional love for all has never wavered. Not one bit. He’s such an amazing boy, and would be the best companion.

For more information on him, check out his profile here, visit the Toronto Humane Society, or contact them at [email protected].

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