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This Week on “Dinner Classics” Cocktail Maestro Norm Owen Makes an Apéritif fit for the Queen

Station Blog2018-8-10By: Classical Staff

This week, cocktail maestro Norm Owen takes us through the world of that pre-dinner drink known as the Apéritif. What’s it for, what drinks qualify as apéritifs, and – of course – a recipe for an aperitif cocktail!

Examples of drinks you might drink before dinner: Dubonnet, Lillet blanc, vermouth, Cointreau, champagne & prosecco. But truly, there are no rules!

Aperitif cocktails….

The Opera Cocktail
1.5oz Dubonnet
1.5oz Gin
3 dashes of orange bitters
.25 oz Maraschino liqueur

Stir on ice, strain into a coupe, and serve with a lemon twist!

The Queen’s Favourite Cocktail
Equal parts Dubonnet and Gin on ice
Serve with a lemon slice


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