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The special essence of Sunday mornings right here on “Zero to 1800” …

Station Blog2018-9-20By: Classical Staff

The best way to wake up on Sundays is by tuning to “Zero to 1800”, featuring some of the most beautiful music written up til the early Classical period. Here’s what host Michael Kramer has in store for you for the September 30th edition:

“Celebrate Sunday morning’s special essence with the music of Bach as we present the 2nd movement of the Violin Partita No.2 in D Minor performed by Sebastian Bohren. We’ll also introduce you to L’enchantresse – an intriguing creation from Francois Couperin, with harpsichordist Olivier Fortin (a frequent musical collaborator with my on-air colleague, Kathleen Kajioka!). Have a listen. Such happy ears you’ll have. See you then.”

“Zero to 1800” airs Sunday mornings at 10 AM.


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