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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Pablo the 11 year old cat

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Pablo the 11 year old cat featured image

Don Pablo Whiskabar is a hug lord and pillow terrorist. His catel has supplied an estimated 80% of the love smuggled into the Toronto Humane Society. He is often called the “King of Cuddles” and is known for silencing his enemies with his teddy bear snuggles and hilariously grumpy-sounding

Speaking of grumpy, Pablo is definitely a guy who likes being given some time before bearing his heart and soul. At first, he can be very shy and even a little grouchy. The harmless kind of grouchy. The kind you’ll hear grumbling about bad drivers, loud chewers, and empty fridges. He is a senior after all. He’s put in his time and now feels he has the right to glare at kittens, express unpopular opinions, and pass out in reclining chairs whenever he wants.

Once Pablo becomes comfortable with you, he will never leave your side and will always be down for a cuddle session.

For more information on Pablo, visit Toronto Humane Society’s location, check out his profile here:, or contact [email protected].

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