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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Sydney the one-year-old puppy

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Sydney the one-year-old puppy featured image

Sydney’s that silly, scatterbrained friend who’s always onto something new. We all know the type. One day they’re signing up for pottery class and the sci-fi fanatics book club. The next they’re salsa dancing in Cuba or snorkeling through the Los Roques Archipelago. You could be hanging out together at the park, people watching and ball chasing when suddenly you’re on your way to meet this squirrel, or that leaf, or this other dog. Think Jim Carrey, with a little Tom Cruise-on-Oprah’s-couch on the side.


Sydney’s a wild one at Toronto Humane Society. A peppy, playful puppy with a capital P who’s all-systems-go till nap time. Her hobbies include playtime, ball, chase, zoomies, playtime, chase, and hmm, ball. Did we mention playtime and ball? OH and she loves cuddling. Cuddling and scratches.


Strong, smart and playful, Sydney’s looking for a home where all her puppy energy can be let out! She hopes to find a spot where she’ll get all the mental stimulation and guidance a girl like her needs. She’d be the perfect adventure buddy for those who haven’t lost their inner puppy!

Want to know more? Visit Toronto Humane Society’s location, check out her profile here:, or contact [email protected].

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