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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: 1-year-old Chely

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: 1-year-old Chely featured image

Ola! Cómo estás? Or wait, ahem: “Hello … eh?” Sorry, Chely keeps forgetting she’s not in Mexico anymore. Canada is pretty cool, but where the heck are all the igloos and moose friends people kept telling her about? She was told there’d be big a moose to play with. Also: snow is AWESOME. Just the other day she was rolling around in it with her new doggie friends at Toronto Humane Society.

At first, Chely can be a little shy around people. She moves slowly in this really cute and gentle way, looking up at you with her beautiful brown eyes. Crouch down, speak softly, and she quickly begins to warm up. Once she does, be ready to give her all the pets and scratches and playtime. She’s a bouncy little bunny who loves staying active!

For more information on Chely, check out her profile here:, visit Toronto Humane Society, or contact them at [email protected].

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