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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: 8-year-old Titus

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: 8-year-old Titus featured image

Hello, I am Titus. Cool name, huh? Got it from my hustling days. I was a pretty serious cat back then. A real heavy hitter. I could eat 10 treats in a row and jump super high in the air. Was in on some pretty shady stuff. You left something on the counter, chances are, me n the boys would find it.

Now, things are different. I’ve settled down. I have a sweet dad bod and am totally zen. I even have my own condo. It comes with servants too. They feed me, scratch my ears, the whole shebang. My favourite things are when they rub my head. Also chin rubs. And head scratches. Oh and full body pets.

What do my servants say about me? Basically that I am awesome. They say things like,

“Titus is very friendly and loving. He would roll over for pets and nudge my hand for more. Purred entire visit. He is such a sweet boy.”

Some other lady said, “Titus is a super wonderful cat. He loves attention and affection. Will purr and purr until he dozes off under the scratches.”

It goes on. But you know, it’s not really for me. As much as my servants are good servants, I am more into longer term stuff with like, a family. Know any families out there? Tell em to hit me up.

My condo building is called Toronto Humane Society. You can find me there. Or check out my Or contact my servants at [email protected].

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