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Author Anakana Schofield chats about her latest book, “Bina” on “Classical Mornings”

Author Anakana Schofield chats about her latest book, “Bina” on “Classical Mornings” featured image

“My name is Bina and I’m a very busy woman. That’s Bye-na, not Beena. I don’t know who Beena is but I expect she’s having a happy life. I don’t know who you are, or the state of your life. But if you’ve come all this way here to listen to me, your life will undoubtedly get worse. I’m here to warn you …”

That’s how Anakana Schofield’s “Bina” starts, and Schofield swung by our studio in Liberty Village to chat with Mike and Jean about her latest book. Schofield’s previous book, “Martin John”, was shortlisted for the Giller Prize, and her debut book, “Malarky”, won the Amazon First Novel Award. “Bina” is published by Penguin Random House Canada and Knopf Canada.

“Bina” is told in the voice of an ordinary-extraordinary woman who has simply had enough. Through the character of Bina, who is writing out her story on the backs of discarded envelopes, Anakana Schofield filters a complex moral universe filled with humour and sadness, love and rage, and the consolations, obligations and mysteries of lifelong friendship. Schofield compared the reader’s experience to what she feels when she hears Shostakovich, and between her and Mike, Keith Richards and David Bowie was mentioned, too.

Listen to the interview here:

To purchase the book, please click here.


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